If You're Reading This....

....It indicates you are HOME.  Stay at home.  Don't make any unneeded trips to the grocery story, gas station, stay away from your friends . . . just stay away.  THINK before you travel.  If you are in an area where there is no virus, it's coming for you.  No place is immune to this.

I'm doing my part 100%.

- Washing my hands properly with hot soapy water for 30 secs.

- Washing outside door handles and mailbox with bleach mixture

- Spraying all counter tops in my home
(and letting sit for 10 minutes)
...then drying off
 (I save the towel to use with bleach later outside, then throw it)

-Take a hot shower everyday
-Wash Your Towels

-Keep the TV off !  (watch local news once a day)

-Read a book, or all those old magazines

Take a nap.

- Play games, Work in garage, Look at your bike(s)

View blogs/instagrams

-Exercise in your home: Do stretching.  Lift Weights

- Jump rope in your driveway

- Eat the right foods (don't over eat)

- Calm your nerves

-Clean out your tool box, closets, chest of drawers

- Vacuum, dust, wash windows, clean bathroom

Just stay home if you can - Stay away from everyone at work.

Reinforce it - Stay away from me - Thank you !

No disrespect - If I'm sick, I don't want you to get it . . .

I don't want to lose a single NOOT blog follower or family member
due to carelessness . . .

No Italians, No Japanese, No Swedes, No Finns, No Germans,
No Brits, No Aussies, No Kiwis, No Canadians, No Mexicans,
No Brazilians, No Hawaiians, No Spanish,
and even No Russians....
and especially No Americans !
(if I left someone out, I apologize)

I love you all - Now practice it !

-Respectfully and Good Luck  -Noot


drsprocket said...

I've been on board here in NorCal since early on. This is serious s__t folks! Everything you said is spot on. It ain't easy but think what'll happen if we don't. We're just on pause till we ain't.

Bastard said...

The Irish are everywhere..And guess who's coming to dinner??

Chris K said...

Good advice. We were troubled ever since seeing people in hazmat suits spraying airports, planes, and even cities. For the last month we've been real careful about staying away from people and turned down all social events. If anyone had really paid attention to what was going on in places like Europe, they would have been concerned too. Hopefully we'll see you on the other side of this crisis....and just like after 911, for better or worse, expect things to be a little different.

Noot said...

(smile face here)