Jake, Roth, Spina & Pete

This is one of my most prized photos in all of my collection. It shows "Jake" Jacobs (of Pete & Jake's), Big Daddy Ed Roth himself, Bob Spina and Pete Chapouris (So. Cal Speed Shop). We're talkin' heavy duty here. Legendary men in their fields of expertise. Photo is in Arcadia, CA just before heading out to the Oklahoma City Hot Rod Nats. Pete did the video and Spina did the interview. Roth and Spina were the best of friends. I consider Bob one of my best friends - he's helped me with so many things, besides teaching me how to stripe. I talked with him the other day and we plan on meeting up in Sturgis again this year. I can't fuckin' wait. (that's the original "California Kid" - '34 coupe on the left from the movie) PS. I wish Bob would reprint those custom shirts like the one he's wearing !

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smoken joe said...

That is a great picture of them,to bad not with bob back then.Just think how good we would be.Iam set up to start screen my T shirts done a couple of sample ones,a little more practes and should have it down will send you and pop one,need your size.Make sure Besty dont fool around on me in Sturgis.Feel shity Iam not going, to late to change plans now thats life,get me a meduim T shirt Noot and bring some sweet corn to kirt for me say hi to them for me.