The Most Famous Motorcycle ?

What is the world's most famous motorcycle? To all us motorcycle enthusiasts, it depends on a number of factors. Then you have the people that know almost nothing about motorcycles - their vote counts too. From the mouth of a racer . . . the Rollie Free Vincent (where he set numerous speed records - and his infamous run to 150mph where he stripped to nothing but his shorts) The Vincent is now owned by a Texas collector. How about Mike "The Bike" Hailwood's Honda 250 six cylinder? Then we have "The Fonz" and his preunit Triumph. Even through he had a couple different bikes on Happy Days - this is the one that stuck. Elvis and his '56 KH - on the cover of the Enthusiast (now on display at the new HD Museum in Milwaukee). But, when all is said and done - I'll give it to the Sparkling Red, White and Blue of Captain America. Nothing but an old police panhead, modified and used in a movie. Stolen, then supposedly found again - who knows? But, John Parham says his is real. Whatever. What about Billy's bike? "We're headliners baby!" He gets a little respect too. Others for arguments sake could be: Anything from Evel Knievel, Robert's Indy Mile Yamaha, Brando's "Wild One", The World's Fastest Indian, The Silent Grey Fellow. . . .
I still don't believe any motorcycle is as famous - as Captain America


smoken joe said...

Good choice of pictures.Will agree that the red white and blue is the most famous bike, for us that started out in that time,That movie changed the way people looked at choppers.And showed the freedom of rideing the end my friend.

Chris K said...

Maybe not as famous but, what about Bronson's red Sportster? Being on TV, it got a lot of dudes revved up.