Priest : Live on Harriet Island !

Let's face it - as far as metal goes, big hair bands - 80s rock, head bangin' . . . I had pretty much seen them all. However, one particular band has always eluded me. One of the greatest, if not the pioneers of "metal" themselves JUDAS PRIEST. All original, but the drums - and he kicked ass. The whole band kicked ass. Rob Halford can sing like a mofo . . . great showman. KK and GT were loud, tight and in sync. If you ever get a chance to go see them - don't miss it. They shared the stage with Whitesnake. . . and Coverdale, Aldrich and Reb Beach can rip it up. David Coverdale is a true rock god in his own right. The bottom line is: Don't mess with British Rock - they are the best !

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