Mac's Garage

I like stopping by a certain garage in town since there's usually some kind of building or machining going on . . . pretty much all the time. The chopped, big block Model A sedan, the "wall-of intakes", the big slots above the cabinets, it's all part of the scene. "Mac" has built a bunch o' stuff over the years. The latest (in process) is this Flathead Ford engine for the T Project. (cold beer in the fridge too !)


lite joe said...

Yes been there good stuff going on,and good beer the only thing cold here is the weather.Cant wait to get home miss riding and working with uncle bob.Will try to send more pictures tonight.

joe vegas said...

Sent few more pictures,hope went through.I think it is colder here then Iowa.Going to look at some car lot that has old cars for sale later gator.