Jeff - 17x

"Bake" gave my dad some photos from his dirt trackin' campaign of 2009. He uses some of Big Noot's equipment to help in his race team efforts. He always has a story to tell - or the latest gossip from the racing world. Jeff builds his own equipment - which is always top notch - and races it. There's something to be said for that alone. A big highlight of his season was winning his class at the AMCA Davenport Vintage Event over Labor Day weekend. Hey, they even let him keep the checkered flag !

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smoken joe said...

I was there and had the best time of my out of town trips,and great bike ride there with the Noots family and friends.Just got back from the coolest car lot check this web Gave them a copy of the group picture from windfeild show said going to hang it on wall.dont know if they will signed from little joe and bob spina LV.Will go back take some pictures of on walls ceiling and glass cabinets,good stuff to put on your web,pictures by legend lite joe vages