Velocity Stack

These things work. The problem is - until you get it running - you don't have much velocity. You can use the accelerator pump - however, with a 1 1/2" carb spacer (so the carb clears the magneto) it's a long road for the fuel to get to the cylinders. I use a tennis ball in the stack so I can prime it for starting - then hit the enrichener - and she'll pop. Sometimes it's a bitch to get going. I have to run with it - or park on a hill. But, once she's goin' - it's all worth it. You get the glory. Just don't suck up a big rock !

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Joe said...

That is a very cool shot looks mean,and know it works seen it in action.Be a good race for the shovel.Heard Jose from work is suspended and may get fired the little snitch had it coming goes around comes around so true later HOT ROD lite joe