Laconia Bend

You've got (3) different types of two-piece, internal cable handlebars for the Sportster XLH and XLCH. Most types are the traditional 'Buckhorn' style bend. The more rare types are the 'Speedster bend' which were standard on the early CH . . . and the 'Laconia-bend' (pictured) are
pretty damn rare. I never hardly see them any more. I like them best. Like the speedster, but the bar ends angle back more - parallel to the motorcycle. I run them on my '64 touring bike. (this '59 xlch sold on ebay last week for about $7300 bucks)

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Chris K said...

Noot, from your description those look like speedsters. I have a set like these. The factory showed the first super-glide with what I thought were the Laconia's. Maybe I have it backwards.