Sleds, Tombstones & High Life

Traveled about 70 miles Sunday. The fog was heavy so we rode the Cedar River all the way to Orchard, past the trout stream, then groomed trails to the famous "Staff Bar" in Osage. After a few refreshing $1 beers and a Tombstone pizza - we were all 'fixed up' and ready. Rode ditches back to Floyd - and then the river back to CC. Explored many back trails, woods and CRP land - the river scenes looked like a Hamms Beer commercial - with crystal waters flowing next to the ice. A winter wonderland with plenty of eagles, deer and turkeys. A perfect day that happens only a few weeks a year. Only in Iowa.

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liljoegatta said...

Look like a real nice day for a ride in wonder land.And the only place that you can get a dollar beer is in Iowa is true.Looks cold but fun,being there sound like fun there are more fun thing to do there even if it is weather.The only thing left is dog sledding,,and fighting Indian's.OH the free beer is at Macoys and plenty later smoken joe