Lords of Loud

This Lords deal in Cedar Rapids was like really fuckin' cool. These guys put on a great show on short notice. Somebody worked really hard on making up some cool trophies. Despite the rain, everyone just sucked it up - and brought their neat old iron anyway. The different engine configurations is what I really get into - and there was plenty to look at . . . Hope to see you all again real soon - and if you missed it - I'm sure they'll be another one next year!


BlueMoonKustoms said...

Hey Noot. It was nice to meet ya at the Lords deal in CR. Your digger kicks alot of ass!

Cycle Nazis said...

Hey Noot I was really happy to hand a trophie over to you!!!!! Your bike ruled and was one of my favs of the show. Good to see and Iowa guy building such killer shit. I was really happy for the turn out and yes it was a lot of work but well worth it and we will hope to see you next year!!!!!!!!! lordsofloud
Cycle Nazis Iowa

Noot said...

I've been to a lot of stuff this year - and that was one of the best.
Lot of talent in one place. Totally blows my mind some of the garage built iron out there. This event just fueled the fire!