No band of gypsies . . . just one.

Went for a sled ride Sat. on the Cat . . . stopped at Kwik Star for a coffee.  I got to talkin' with a biker kinda dude about sleds, trails, Harleys, choppers, riding, Sturgis, partys . . . said he really liked Iowa - was out here visiting.  He's got a '50 pan(ain't run in years) and an Evo.  He was polite, well groomed and intelligent.  I bid farewell - off he went with Washington plates, and a round sticker that exclaimed you to Support Gypsy Jokers.  Don't know if he was a club member or not - but, it appears he was.


FOE said...

Old club with lots of history. Ran in Cali in 60's now in Or, Wa, Id. Very hard core 1% bunch. Still very active.

Jeff Wright said...

You coming down this weekend?
I want to talk with you bout something.

LUCKY said...

kool kats in WA & OR

[º(O) ] Camerarider said...


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