Vinyl Jam Session

I got all buzzed up and cranked up the Kenwood/Bose and broke into my vinyl collection of Deep Purple, Blue Cheer, CCR, Godz, Def, Kiss, Stones, Zep, Jim Carroll, Nuge, Zappa . . . did a little DJ action.  Found my red vinyl (and white vinyl) Beatles.  Bought these years ago at a St. Vincent DePaul in Cedar Falls.  Diggin' through a box - and hey - these are red !  These are white !  WTF????  25 cents?  Well, ok.


BitMonkey said...

One of my first memories of "getting in trouble" as a kid was playing an orange vinyl 12" single of "Come Together" over and over until my Kindergarten teacher snapped. I'd love to have that record now even though I'm sure it was totally scratched to Hell.

Jason said...

BLUE CHEER kills it! and I was't even born yet. Ha!