Linkert Performance

Big Noot came up with this innovative intake air-deflector deal a few years back.  Instead of the air/fuel mixture running into a wall at the end of the intake . . . this will help smooth and increase air flow to the valves.  We then tapped and threaded it, sealed it with high temp and bolted it in.  It works in the fact that the bike had more bottom end, off throttle especially.


62 Ironhead said...

Hi Noot,

I just came across blog and real keen to learn on stroking an Ironhead.

I have a 62XLH and any help you can provide on stroking it would be much appreciated, thanks.


Bad Betsy said...

Happy Birthday bro! I owe you a case of buzz saws! You'll have to go to the Plaza so they can put that big ass sombrero on you...arriba!

Bets & Foxy