One of a Kind

Got word that a local (and nationally known) poet, hobo, story teller, writer, motorcycle enthusiast and scholar has passed.  If you're from these parts - you're sure to know of "Blackie" or Iowa King Blackie (as he is known by his hobo comrades).  A face of NE Iowa. He was usually the first one out (on his 883 XLH) and one of the last to put it away for the season.  He slept outside more times than we've slept inside . . . was a very articulate poet and writer, and a pretty damn good motorcycle rider.  His bike was always dirty, well ridden.  Blackie himself, rough around the edges . . . with a memory like an elephant.  I never really knew him to have a job, but he knew how to live that way.  Anyone else would have starved.  We both liked Sportsters, so we always had something to talk about.  A real cool dude - and we'll all really miss him.(already)  One of those characters you don't appreciate 'til they're gone. Blackie did it his way - and there's something to be said for doing that !
RIP - Godspeed Iowa King Blackie