Chopped & DICE'd

As I rode home with the sound of my pipes . . . I couldn't stop thinking about . . .

Tom Fugle is so full of history.  If you ever have a chance to stand around and chat with the man - you'll never forget it.  

Chopper Dave is doing all types of casting, and a lot of custom "one off" pieces.  Get with him about what you want and he'll be happy to get you a quote.  Seriously.

Ricky, Tony and Mike are pumped about their trip to Cali for Born Free III.  Good Luck on your 4000+ mile journey.  

Chris and the CR crew are still the party masters - so great to see you guys and your gals.  We'll hook up this summer for more.

Carl, Matt and Co. were down from Aberdeen.  Carl's bike was so loaded - for real or for effect - that was cool.  Matt and Brittney kick ass.

Josh and Slippery Pete are still my idols, even more now than ever before.  Wouldn't it be great to go on a run with the Chicago crew someday?  Holy fuck that would be cool.

Dustin, Dan and the Sinners from Cali (thanks for spending your hard earned money to come and see us - great to see you again.  

Gilly, Sully, Jeff, Brad, Billy . . . without you guys - Des Moines would suck.   Brad can't hardly contain himself when he talks about his trip to the Isle of Mann for the TT. I really need to get there someday.  Oh, and wait 'til you see Jeff Wright's FXR.  Insanely Innovative.  I like it a lot.


pat said...

really bummed i missed this. looks like you had a good time!

Anchor Motorsickle said...

Well Noot we blasted home in record time. No issues at all. I feel good about the bike but My saggy ass old body is gonna do the breaking down I think. We pulled about 420 miles yesterday and had some good times. Talk to you soon and I will fill you in on the trip. I pinned my Randy Moore pic above my work bench. It was hard to work today.