DICE Facts & Gossip

Luke is cuttin' it close if he's going to Born Free III.

Jeff and Brad deal with the cops (due to cars doing burnouts I suspect)

The biggest Sinner gave me a huge hug and a squeeze, so I decided not to stay at the clubhouse.
Maybe next time.  Thank you for the offer - all cool dudes those Sinners !

There were more cute gals this year.  Nice !

The Speed Merchant was well represented by Denver Dan.  Nice quality parts I got to see first-hand for your Bonneville, Thruxton, Sportster and Dyna.  thespeedmerchant.net


aric said...

whats up?! glad to see you made it home, you were feelin pretty good when i last saw you! Aric "from Indiana"

Noot said...

Thanks Dude - Real nice to meet you. See you again for sure ! Next time I'm not drinking so much. Famous last words.

aric said...

right! remember, my shops always open if you're ever heading thru central indiana...