Pinion Oil Restrictor

Anyone know . . . does this work?  or can it starve the rods and ruin your K???  They drilled a .090 hole in a left handed screw and threaded into the shaft.  I guess the newer engines restrict the pinion oil supply.


Bastard said...


Do you have a copy of "Competition Racer" from HD, for
KR, XLR-TT ? The race bike oil
pump works @ 1/4 crank speed, instead of 1/2 speed on street bikes... Less oil drag is the
goal, but not good for low RPM street use..Contact me and I'll send you a copy. B.Melon LBMC

Noot said...

I have a 1/4 speed breather - just need the correct pinion gear. I actually have an original copy of that....Thanks Dude !