Roger Reiman

Roger was first a racer, then a Harley dealer . . . but, always a racer.  After he was tragically killed in the BMW Battle of the Legends Series . . . his dealership sold off a bunch of old parts, etc.  I guess there was a gold mine of factory stuff they wheeled out after the auction was officially over.  Rare experimental race parts the boys in Milwaukee had made for Roger to win races with.  He also built and tuned a few XRs for E.K. to jump cars and buses.  Roger was a nice guy.  He was always spotted at Springfield Mile on his high pipes Evo Sporty checking the track.  Long live the legend of R.R. !

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Gene Scott said...

Roger Reiman was one of my boyhood heroes. The man usually smoked the whole field, holding the bike wide open around the half-mile track, big smile on his face as he glanced over his shoulders.

I was in the shop once when EK showed up. Quite a sight for a junior high kid ... living gods.

mike scott
johnson city, tn