Knucklehead Aluminum Cylinders

So the infamous Paul Holdsworth rides up on this knuckle with all kinds of trick parts on it.  It's only like his 3rd or 4th ride on this thing - and he takes off from Chicago on it.  It runs strong.  He bought this from a real HD enthusiast who cast these cylinders (cast aluminum around steel sleeves) and then stroked this baby !
The tanks are original 3 1/2 gallons - that were custom widened for extra fuel (before the days of 5 gal tanks) This motorcycle was a "runner" back-in-the-day - and still is one.  Paul is pretty sharp.  Look for his articles and insight in Ironworks . . . and many other publications.  Have you been HAD today?


WhitelinePsycho said...

Farkin wow !!

JB said...

Was great to listen to his stories and find out the guy knows his bicycles as well. His bike collection is EXTENSIVE