Stolen from VISE - Japan (a viewpoint)

Mochi (via email), Motoyan (I met in LaCrosse) and Gak (Davenport) are the only Japanese builders I've had contact with from Japan.  The motorcycles (most the HD mark) are transformed by their own innovative ideas (sometimes copied, but who doesn't ?)  Whenever I stumble onto a Japanese site - I'm usually quite interested in all the different things they try and do.  It's hard for me not to polish parts.  Not to repaint.  They just bolt it on.  I just can't make myself do it.  They run it all - and it seems to run well.  Some Americans bitch that our parts are going overseas.  But, they make sacrifices to get the goods.  They go without to get the parts they need.  Much like the American bikers of the 60s and 70s.  Respect is all I can give.
Those tail-lights are too fuckin' cool !
That knuckle-single !
How does he keep those pans from leaking ?
Early Sporty mufflers (no wonder I can't find any)
No 9., 10., 11., and 16

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Great post mate, your honest self observation is all soul.