Kearney & Trecker Mill

Made in Milwaukee.  Our friend Jeff Wiley does everything BIG !  
Buses, Bonneville and Big Inch Strokers !


62 Ironhead said...

Man that is a work of art.

Anonymous said...

Bamn! Behold. The Holy Grail of Milling Machines. Yes friends it is the Kearney Trecker 2-4D Die Makers Mill.
That's right the head is on a dove tail slide that will rotate 360 degrees; wait for it, with power feed! But wait there's more. Kearney also offered an optional rotary table that could be gear coupled into the table feed. And; (not done yet) an index head was also available. Need to machine a helical gear set, bore an internal buttress thread, or make your own flux capicator; all you need is the 2-4D!

copeland said...