So Punk - Ricky & Shea (in Chucktown)

I was honored to have some of my bestest bros come for a visit.  We sweated it out (sorry I don't have air conditioning) and had some fun wrenchin', ridin' and wipin' our brows.  Coolest cats this side-o-the-Missouri.
Big Noot said . .  . "Hey, Rick(he calls me Rick), ah . . . . those guys are alright - I like 'em."  Well dad, you think I'd hang with some squares??????  Jeeeeez !   Thanks for makin' our day and comin' to our small town. 

The annual Custom Antique & Rod Association Car Show is today around central park (photos comin' soon on next post)


WhitelinePsycho said...

Noot, that gooseneck/digger jigger of yours is absolutely perfect.

Anchor Motorsickle said...

Already missing CC, Ia. Man next time no work and all play. Just got back from a proper thrashing on the Big Iron. It's perfect and I fixed the clutch lever. Sweet like the corn in Iowa.

SheaZilla said...

Tell yer pops the feeling is mutual. He's alright in my book! The 61 digger is soo legit, nicest bike I've ridden.