Nuggets M/C at Furnace Creek

Check this out . . . . found this cool article in Street Chopper 1978.  The Nuggets (originally based in Cali) had (sorta still have) a chapter in Iowa.  Back in the day, quite an event was held each year at Furnace Creek.  Noot worked on many of the Nuggets motorcycles back-in-the-days.  Many of the original members of the Iowa chapter still live in the area.  Now icons of an era.  Critter was a good friend and a Nugget - now gone to the great highway in the sky - miss him and always remember the men who influenced you to be a better person - see the world and have some fun.  
Nuggets M/C Gold & Black


pat said...

cool post noot!

grant said...

i went on the Nuggets Run this year in California. Was a good time.