Dave Polgreen - Sturgis 2012

I consider Dave a way cool friend of mine who happens to build totally killer custom motorcycles.  I first saw this guy rummaging through parts piles (along with some cat with white shades) about 5 years ago at swap meets.  Who was this guy buying up all the stuff, before I could get to it?  Well, it was David Polgreen.  His latest Shovelhead Digger is about the neatest custom I've seen come along for some time now.  It's different.  It's unique (like all his builds).  AND, I'd like to think I had some kind of influence on him (when he saw my lil' Sporty digger) to push him over the edge - to build a machine such as this one.  Just so you know who I'm talking about - that's Dave pictured above with his signature crazy hair stickin' out all over . . . see him at Davenport for a big "Dave Hug" . . . Keep on choppin' DP - You just know he already has ideas for the next one.



Fuck Yeah... Dave's bike is sick.. I still haven't seen it up close.

WhitelinePsycho said...

Diggin the digger, I'd give both nads to see just half of the bikes I love in the cold hard steel, you guys are so blessed by the bike gods.