Jeremiah Armenta - Sturgis 2012

Even though I've only met Jeremiah a couple times, he's left me with a lasting impression . . . as I envy his builds and insight.  At his shop (Love Cycles - Phoenix, AZ) he pumps out some of the coolest and totally functional retro Harley-Davidson choppers I've ever seen.  They all have the classic look, run classic power-plants . . . but, have a little twist of personality that he does so well.  I like how he keeps his family in the balance of his business.  Like he told me . . . "Hey, motorcycles can take over your life."   . . . and it's so true as he keeps everything in perspective - while kickin' out some of the raddest chops.  Can't wait to get back to his shop this fall and check out all the projects.
Last Photo: Roadside Marty interviews Jeremiah for a future airing on Biker TV

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Nice blurb mate, as much as one can ever tell from mags, vids and blogs, always comes across as what you wrote . . . and he does it 'all'. Looks like you had yourself a great time.