Honda RS 750

There was a time when these things totally wrecked all hopes for the Harley-Davidson Factory Team . . . but then of coarse Parker and Werner punched a big hole in Honda . . . and they finally gave up and went back to road racing.


Irish Rich said...

Yeah, and not to mention Honda and Yamaha leveraged the AMA into changing the rules to squash H-D's proposed engine development beyond the XR 750 platform for flat track racing, to compete with them at that time, too. Before H-D could even get the proposed engine project off the ground, the AMA made it illegal for flat track competition. Can you say corporate spies?

And, as always, it's the Golden Rule - whoever has (pays) the most gold, makes the rules.

WhitelinePsycho said...

Geez, that's not surprising in hindsight, but surprising nonetheless Rich, support domestic product was clearly their platform, sheeet.

Anonymous said...

And HD didn't complain until the AMA forced Honda to add 15lbs. to their bike; no because they are/were true Sportsman in every since of the word. Harley had never heard of Nik-o-sil, and Bill W. never met a boring he didn't like.

Hailwood1965 said...

"gave up".

That's a pretty funny interpretation of them wiping every track possible with Harley's nose, freshly pulled from Youngblood's ass.

Good laugh.