Happy Birthday Big Daddy !

I never got the chance to meet him . . . but, I get to hang with a few who knew him well.  The stories just flow . . . and they are so proud to tell them.  Roth was a true giant.  His legend still stands.  His fiberglass creations were first shunned by the industry . . . (now a guy with a glass '32 Ford thinks he has a real one and wins first place at the show !) Roth took a lot of things and made them cool - or made them cooler - and made them so we could have one too.  He gave away all his secrets, all his findings, all the stuff he worked so hard to create - he gave it all away - so we could all be cool.  Long Live "Big Daddy" Ed Roth.


grant said...

i got to meet him 4 or 5 times luckily. First was the Autorama in Salt Lake in '96 when i was 16. that was my main goal that day and even had my copy of Kustom Kulture with me for him to sign, which i still have. I also have a picture of me and him...need to find it.
what a character!

WhitelinePsycho said...

Grant, unreal mate, my all time hero above all others, find that picture and get it up, great post Noot, all hail Big Daddy, RIP.