Poor Man's Polished Crank . . .

How to polish your crank and get professional results:
1. Cut your (600 grit) to journal width (add lube if desired)
2. Tape it tight to journal
3. Use leather or rawhide
4. Spin emery paper (I use 3M wet/dry) for about 30 secs.
5. Remove and inspect
6. Repeat with 800 or 1000 grit as desired
This method leaves a beautiful, polished surface for your new bearings and is ready for plasti-gage measuring - which is highly recommended (even after bore-gage measurements) This particular crank measured almost perfect - but, it had oil scoring, which was removed after this procedure.

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H - respectthepanda.com said...

I learn from you Noot. Never thought of the rawhide chooch.