Musical Bikes . . .

I got that stroker starting and running halfway decent 
with that GBL.  
Maybe a bigger Main Jet?
Went for a 100+ mile ride on the chopper (with full intentions
on goin' to DSM to find Jeff Wright) but, it was just too
cold and windy Sat - it sucked, bike ran good !
(please don't laugh at my sheepskin)
I got the '64 running, battery charged, chain lubed and it's
gonna carry me to the Springfield Mile.  It started right up and
it's the best motorcycle for touring - plus, it's kinda like
the same motor they race there - it's tradition !


pat said...

Nice Sheepskin Noot. Denny will be proud ;)

bluedawg said...

Warm when it's cold.Cool when it's hot.Your ass will be thanking you after a long ride.