Ricky @ The Anchor Motorcycle Shop

I met Ricky a few years ago at DICE Des Moines.  Since then, I've watched him build 2 bikes to my 1 . . . he's very good at coming up with neat ideas and innovations using stock parts.  When you don't have the money to just hit "Buy-It-Now" . . . you are like the true builders of our heritage.  To build a custom, you must first buy a stock motorcycle.  I'm sure his S&S Backing Plate Air Scoop and Open Back Primary may have been done before - but, I never thought of it - and Ricky actually did it . .  along with a whole slug of other custom touches that are everywhere - on everyone of his builds. (He may have hit Buy-It-Now on the enrichener knob (hee, hee, ha ha ha )

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Anchor Motorsickle said...

Oh How could you give away my Sifton Enrichner knob for 30.99 off of ebay. Oh the horror. Anyways I have built about 10 bikes to your one but you built a pan and I think yours trumps all my bikes put together. You just made the prices on S&S backing plates sky rocket as well. Anyone need a cut up inner primary? HA Put some more miles on the Shovel. Sturgis is getting rolled upon for sure.