Bonneville, Utah - October 1970

Bore: 3.365"
Stroke: 5"
89 cubic inches
265.492 mph
. . . with a single engine Ironhead stroker.

I would like to have heard that sucker wound out to 7,8,9 grand inside the tube on that
record run . . . wow !  Only Cal ever knew . . .


bake said...

9g with a 5" stroke!!! Piston speed would leave the space shuttle in the dust. Prob 6500 tops. Member, this is in '70 and they thought cold rolled steel was high tech!

WhitelinePsycho said...

Despite all that reality, one hellish achievement and he was the legit hell man.

Hux said...

Gotta love Bake's insight.

Cycle Nazi said...

now thats fucking bad ass