Chris' 1963

We get the lower end all rebuilt, pump set, cylinders fitted . . . short block is rebuilt after discovering the "welded Timken" and melted seal . . . and a way-ward spacer floating around in the gear case????

 Heads next: revealed a loose guide (pulled out with my fingers) and a valve seal that had fallen off (which Noot said acts like a pumper and can really make it smoke, since the guide is shorter now - to make room for the seal) . . .  and a galled valve, and one that looks like it hit something (might be bent?)  Changed the "grinding" throwout bearing and kicker gear in the tranny too . . . Enuff Znuff !


Cycle Nazi said...

what it do baby.....looking berry nice...sorry im drinking coors and watching the fucking packers get beat at home....suck a fart outta my ass you slave driving son of a bitch, oh val you said it like a true morrison \

WhitelinePsycho said...

Man, love the burnished appearance of the finned cover, i know bugger all about the band other than one of the GNRS used to be in it . . . I think ??