Air Density . . . ?

The '52 has been running perfect.  Starts great, good power, lean jetting (but not very good economy) about 30mpg???  But, like I said, runs great !  I've been excited about the Full Tilt Show for about 2 years now.  I called Pete on Friday, "I'll see ya dude."   I just purchased new Nelson Rigg rain gear to replace my 20 year old Hein Gericke suit.  Saturday am (it's raining - not real hard) - I suit up in full gear just as it stops raining.  By the time I fueled and hit the road - I was so hot in this thing - like a sauna in there.  The sun popped out - but darker skies ahead.  As this foggy shit developed - my chopper starts this slight "surging shit" . . . and I can run about 70-73mph (speeding) and dangerous.  Or I can run about 50.  I make it about 35 miles.  Shit - what's wrong with the piece o' shit ????  I'm pissed.  I fuck with it, take off the air cleaner - try it again - nothing better.  I decide to go back home.  All the while I'm thinking.  All the things it could be.  I get back and I change the air bleed and put a few different jets in my pocket.  All my electrical is checked - it's all dry.
I take off again (nice weather, kinda sunny even) - and as soon as I get about 50 miles away - I run into heavier rain - and it starts doing it again.  Now I could give a shit.  I'm telling myself I'm fucking done with motorcycles.  This sucks.  I'm taking up some different hobbies.  I've done all I can do with motorcycles - I'm burnt out - I'm tired - I don't care anymore - I feel I'm wasting my time with this crap when I could be doing something that would benefit mankind.  I turn around - again.  I'm pissed.  As I ride back at 50mph - I start thinking about my ironhead Sportsters.  The black '64 would run rings around this panhead.  Those ironheads are bad-ass motors - and I should have built an ironhead chopper instead - Here we go again.

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