Test & Tune Day

I worked on my bike late Sat evening - and again on Sunday morning (sunny skies now).  I cleaned the carb, the accelerator pump rubber was warped lookin' so I replaced it.  I found an old, cheesy air cleaner in my swap meet stash.  I call it the "Kurpius Edition" 'cause he runs one - and they must work, right?  I modified the Bendix-style back plate to work with my Super E, shined it up, and bought $1.99 ea button heads from the local Ace hardware store.  I made a new foam filter element.
I checked my timing, point gap - and reset everything.  Checked my pushrods again.  I went and got some fresh fuel and decided to take a test ride out to the annual "Fly-In-Breakfast" at the airport.

As I look at all these airplanes with multiple magnetos, multiple fuel tanks, frail looking parts, chips and scratches, etc . . . How do they keep everything going?  I'm having a hard enough time with my one carburetor and my wheels on the ground.  The planes just kept coming and going.  Rides for $20 - they finally had to cut off the rides due to over-popularity.  The pancakes were excellent !
I gassed up and hit the road again.  My chopper is runnin' good now.  A few spits out the carb at mid-range speeds tells me I could go one bigger on the intermediate jet (28 to a 29.5).  Usually rain or high humidity likes a leaner mixture - so, this change could make it run even worse in the wet?  Won't know til' I try it.  I journey though the towns of Floyd, down to Greene, thru Packard(photo above), down to Clarksville, then Plainfield (ride through the campground) - and back up to Nashua.  Everything is just golden.  This thing is rippin' - grabbin' gears - just Jammin !   I decide to stop at the Charles City Car Show . . .
This show is always good.  A variety of really nice cars in this area . . . and the hamburgers are really great too . . . A perfect day in Iowa.

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pat said...

You'll get it dialed Noot. Dont let it get yah down. If it was easy, everybody would be doin it!