Forever and Back Again: The Last Part

When the day is done - I'll have traveled about 235 miles.  Goin' solo has it's advantages, like stopping when you want, exploring different roads, meeting people.  I've noticed when you are in a group, people won't approach you as often.  Solo, a greater chance of a question - leading to conversation.  At this point in my trip I decided to get on the freeway for the last 20 miles.  Right foot up on the forward steel peg - Left foot back on the Drag Specialties vintage chopper 3-hole peg I mounted off the primary inspection cover.  I made a steel plate backing for support on the inside, and mounted the peg through the center of the cover.  It's not gonna take a lot of weight, but it gives my knee a rest.  I took my left hand off the handlebar, and leaned my elbow just above my knee - and put my hand under my chin . . . I look like that "thinking man monkey statue" that was popular in the 70s.  Smooth as glass.  The pipes have that panhead whirring you can only get from a pan at highway speeds.  It's a unique sound.  A whine, the solids snapping away almost like a roulette wheel spun at 3 times it's normal speed.  I can see in my mirror a late model Ford pickup slowly catching me.  My mirror is so clear, I can see the faces on the driver, and passengers.  I see the passenger side window going down (crew cab) . . . what are they going the throw something at me????  I keep my speed as they just hang back in the left lane - about 10 yards from my tail pipes.  I hate it when people do this - it's the passing lane.  So pass.  Pass me asshole.  A couple more miles go, so I decide to let up on my speed slightly - and they get the hint and come up beside me.  "Hey man . . . whew, hey" - (with thumbs up signs and heads hangin' out the windows . . . "Go man - I LIKE YOUR BIKE - RIGHT ON . . . " A couple crazy-hair teens (one with pink hair) and driver who resembles Janis Joplin.  Probably mom?  A weird combination with California license plates.  They finally pass.  I wanted to yell back, "I like my bike too, I built it all myself, but it's not the greatest for traveling, and I'm taking the next exit, 'cause it's my town . . . and I'm glad to be home.

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