Forever is a Mighty Long Time . . . . No. 4

Word has it from a bystander with a fancy phone that a band of storms is movin' in slowly from the west.  It's now 1pm.  The '52 fires 1st kick ,  With a little studder jump - I kick my leg over the center of the seat (too high to go over my pack), get situated on my Hummer seat, rocker the clutch, jam it back to low - and try to negotiate a tight "left hand U-turn" with foot on clutch and lots of people close - and lots of eyes watching.  I try to concentrate on what I'm doing and not everyone looking at me.  Careful.  I make it - and pull out into traffic - hit all gears perfect, down the blacktop, past lines and lines of bat-wing fairings waiting anxiously to get in there and get some free head wraps, stickers and magazines.  Maybe they want to buy one of those throttle-jockey wrist carpal tunnel deals????  I'm on the road again - but need fuel.  Clouds are swirling, wind at my back this time.  The pipes sound better.  I can see out my mirror now.  I pull into a small town and up to the only petro pump in town just as these hippy lookin' dudes climb out of Chevy Van Dura with slots on the front, Cragars on the back.  Swipe my card for fuel and push a bunch of buttons with the labels worn off.  The pump runs slow - 1.5 gal.  I see the dudes pointing and curious.  I've got my helmet on - and they don't know there's an almost 50 year old with grayin' hair under there that's needs an Advil.  Asked for a receipt, didn't get one.  1st kick, I hit some sand, squeal a little (more like a chirp), hit all the gears - all while the dudes watched.  Perfect.  I feel really good now.  This chopper shit is gettin' better - this is kinda fun.  All the way just stayin' ahead of these pissed off appearing clouds.  I pass a bar with a CB550, a Yamaha chopper, a golf cart and a super motard.  I wanted to stop, back in, and take a picture - but I had to keep going since my rain pants have the crotch ripped out and a big rip by the knee - and it's buried.  I still have a little hesitation sometimes between 2nd & 3rd.  I'm running a 28 intermediate 50 air bleed and a 70 main - kinda lean - but too fat and I get the straight pipe babble - even with my anti-reversion deals in there. 
For now I'm full on fuel - in high gear with 25 tooth sprocket and pointed north - Winning.

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