FTW Co. Baseball Cap Review

From: FTWCO.
I've only had this hat for 48 hours . . . 
but I've already had many comments on it.
A few . . .
"Neat hat, I like the color." (lady at HyVee)
"I like your hat." (wife)
 "What's FTW?" (cashier)
"Does(FTW) have a retail store?"
(desk clerk) 
"Where's mine? (a friend)
The fit & finish: I rate as very good - to excellent.  
This is the Maroon color . . .
Quality Construction.  Heavy Stash Flap
Heavy-Duty Bill (visor) Nice-n-stiff
 Like all FTWCO products, I know they do some testing 
before they go on the site.  I really like the shirts 'cause (necks aren't all
stretched out, colors last, not much shrinkage) so you can
be confident you're receiving a good product.

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