Des Moines weekend . . .

I-35 South to Des Moines, you see all types of travelers - race people, ebay buyers, military on the move . . . slow & fast people, on their phones, etc.  Cheryl went to rock with the Eagles(and Joe Walsh) - I checked in to Hotel Fort Des Moines, El Bait, Spaghetti Works, GT Lounge, Church of Choppers & FTW Co., met some new friends, and saw some old ones. We shut down Kung Fu Tap . . . and by 3am I was back at the hotel, wandering the floors, taking in all kinds of history of this place.  The good and the not so good have stayed here . . . Nixon, Lindbergh, Woodrow Wilson and Krushchev all walked these floors as I do . . . I like this place.  Quiet rooms, solid floors, tile, granite and woodwork. History. 
Shower had "mega" pressure ! 
Thanks Jeff !  Thanks Cheryl too !

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