Harley WL transmission jumping out of gear . . .

My 45 is jumpin' outta 2nd . . . The first time it was a broken(cracked & bent) shift fork probably due to the dogs being worn.  I shimmed the shift fork to sink-it-in a little more - and help keep it in gear.  It lasted over 6 months - and it started jumping a few times again, slightly bending my NOS H-D Fork . . . and once it jumps a few times, then the dogs are really rounded off - and it "ain't gonna stay in gear no mow."   
In my travels, I picked up an almost new set of gears, and shifter clutches - so it's time.
1. Remove transmission
2. Remove top cover - Remove shift drum
3. Remove sprocket and side cover
4. Loose Rollers !   
(Don't worry, the main shaft and
counter shaft rollers are different lengths)
5. Remove mainshaft, gears, thrust washers, etc.
6. Replace bad stuff
7. Assemble in Reverse Order ???

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