How to bead blast engine parts . . .

From personal experience: 
Many don't know the proper way to bead blast engine parts. 
Here's How You Do It . . .
1. Wash Parts in Solvent (whatever works)
2. Blow Dry
3. Wash Parts in Very Hot Soapy Water
(use Dawn or Ivory Liquid)
4. Rinse Parts in Hot Clear Water
5. Blow Dry
Now if you really want to do it Correctly, Cap critical, hard to reach oil passages, threaded holes, etc. BEFORE YOU BEAD BLAST - Then you lower the risk of bead particles remaining in your new engine.
6. Bead Blast Parts
7. Blow Off Parts (in the blaster) with Clear Air
8. Remove Parts(& cap plugs) 
and blow off (outside blaster) with Clear Air
9. Wash Parts in Solvent (again)
10. Blow off parts with Clear Air
11. Wash Parts in Hot Soapy Water (again)
12. Rinse Parts in Hot Clear Water
13. Blow Dry with Clear Air
14. WD-40 (on a towel) and wipe bearing surfaces
Note: If you blast your parts before washing all the engine oil off - you get that bead stuck up in there - and it don't come out - It recently took me actually about 3 hours to clean under gear cover bushings to get all the bead blast out that was stuck in the oil that someone blasted without washing it first - what a mess . . .


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