Ray Goff

A racer and mentor to former pro Garth Brow
The track looks rough?
Check that slick front tire, kidney belt and high bars.
Steel shoe . . . and maybe it's a WLD since he's got
the magneto in the gear cover ?
Ray Goff - A true racer !


Team 33 said...

Not a WLD. Real Chrome Moly frame without footboard support rod loops. Single front forks,real WR rear fender, and tanks and seat springs too! Killer Photo.

Noot said...

I'm always learnin' from guys like yourself - Thanks for tuning in !

Team 33 said...

Love your blog! Saw you at D-Port but you were across the field!

Chris K said...

The holes behind the neck and the reinforced rear section are a good indication it's a WR.