Jack Wall - Hillclimb Bravery on his Knuckle

Could you imagine?  You're the next up !  Staring up at this very steep hill, on your bike with chains on the rear - ready to open this sucker wide open - open it up and try to hang on - hit the hill just right, get some big-time speed and go up over the top?   The Harley pulls up on the power band, building speed as it gets real steep - Then, it all went wrong.  You hit a big one.  It bangs your spine and throws you off - The bike takes off - you lost the bars - the motor revs wide wide open.  You see fire from the rear pipe.  Those chains miss your face by an inch.  Tall, dry grass pokes you in the face.  You're out of breath, your heart races . . . the bike pops, stalls and slides. You smell oil smoke and gasoline. Your foot is kinda twisted . . .
you have to work on Monday.

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