The Girl . . . . Lisbeth

The Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with English subtitles(and series - as it was written and should be viewed - not just for Hollywood dollars) is the more powerful of this book-based film.  Foreign films use actors that more closely resemble normal people like the rest of us.  Hollywood film actors are always beautiful, glamorous (and unrealistic).  Chosen for their looks usually.  American films are more and more about money.  It's really getting gross.  A Hollywood actor has an agent that signs a 3 or 4 movie deal - and then puts out 1 decent film and 3 shit films.  If you wish to see good cinema - go to a university and sit through a foreign film at an art center.  (U of Iowa Bijou, UNI Art Center)  It's usually low cost(or no cost) You'll leave with a lasting impression, and you will see the world a bit differently - through the eyes of people who too . . . Live in this world.

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