Good Reading Over & Over

Old magazines from the late 60s, 70s and 80s are so great.  They are incredible useful sources of information and ideas to the motorcycle (and auto) enthusiast.  My thinking is that, guys just had less money back then - you had to do-what-you-could.  Now it's so easy to just "buy" anything you want.  That's why these mags were saved, 'cause they were a valuable resource.  Knowledge to be learned.  They had more tuning and tech-tips then today's publications . . . showing you steps to modify and service your hot rod.  Information.  Products.  Photographs showing the bike, the motor, the paint -  and the parts you want to see.  Now it's just different.  Hey . . . I page through Dice, Show Class, American Iron, but, it's just not the same.  These old issues are originals - from the era "when the shit we dig was in" . . . Now what goes around - comes around.  Old mags give it to you - from when it was bro - pick some up soon, turn on a lamp, kick back with a beverage - and enjoy.    (with a candy cane !)

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