Busy . . and Camera needs batteries . . .

I've been very very busy . . .
Honed lifter blocks (4 ea)
Bored & Honed set of cylinders
Bead blasted & washed cylinder heads
Bought a tire from Universal
Fitted the Orange tank & fender !
Ground (22 ea) valves (yes I did)
Drilled & replaced (4 ea) cam rollers
Honed a XL rod set
Replaced shifter shaft bushing
Replaced kicker shaft bushing
Scraped gaskets
Freshed up my magneto
Bought spokes from Buchannan's
Raked the entire backyard and
took the leaves/sticks to landfill
Took out the trash
Cleaned the litter box
Lifted weights and walked my
route everyday . . .
Line lapped a pinion race
 Trued my '61CH flywheel assembly . . .
Set up bore gauges and measured
about (6)different races
Honed knuckle valve guides
Pressed in (2) more bushings
Assembled tappet blocks in a
1949 panhead motor . . .
Went to bowling alley for an IPA and a Comet Burger !

 It's important to stay busy.  I'm a big advocate for "movement" and to do things, and study new things.  Keeping your mind moving and sharp.  Doing things for people - giving your best and doing some volunteer work of some type.  It's a great feeling for me to see my friends face when they pick up their stuff and notice I've done extra, made it the best I could - then I hear later how good it runs and how much fun they are having . . . it helps them "keep moving" too.

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lucky23design said...

Turning 48 this year, so I totally get what your saying...