Magneto Tech

I like to take my magnetos into a dark closet(nothing kinky).  You can spin the gear and easily see if spark jumps the springs, and how much spark arcs at the points.  If I get too much arc at the points, I change the condenser first, then clean and file points, then clean everything, change points, etc.  Eventually, I will have no arc at the points - just a good snap at the coil springs.  Magneto points last about 10 times longer than distributor points.  This set has been in my '61CH for over 20 years.  Magnetos are easy on point faces.  The points set just like any set of points(but with a tighter .015 gap) I like the original FM Coils, but the aftermarket coils are ok too.  Make sure your coil ground screws are clean and tight.  Keep the inside of your magneto housing clean.  I remove the coil and clean off the surface of the rotor every few years.  Wipe it out with electrical cleaner and blow dry.  Simple maintenance.
I have 8 magnetos and they all work - and that's 8 batteries I don't need.  I built about all of them from separate parts here and there . . . I use original Fairbanks-Morse parts and Joe Hunt products too.  I like Joe Hunt since you can call and talk to a tech guy, get parts direct - and their stuff is decent quality.  I really like their billet top bearing plate.  If you get one, have them install the top bearing for you.  This plate has a stronger boss and better screws for fastening the condenser, points, etc.  They have good plug wires.  I use Morris Magneto parts too.  The Morris M5 is a great system for shovelheads.  Dave at Morris is always very helpful - and he knows more about magnetos than anybody I know.  Don't let a naysayer stop you from running a magneto on your old bike - once you get it going, and have a basic understanding of how they work, you'll be very happy with one, or two, or . . .

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62 Ironhead said...

Hi Noot,

Awesome work on the magnetos.

I need a magneto for my 62XLH re-build project, what would you recommend....Joe Hunt or Morris.

My 62XLH is a kicker only and has no battery, not sure if this makes any difference, however the Morris ones may make starting a bit easier as believe you can adjust the timing slightly.

Any feedback on what you think most welcome, cheers.