Bryan Smith & Kawasaki

Smith took the win at the Springfield Mile.  His Kawasaki was fast, but Smith is probably one of the best milers at the moment too.  He's smooth and knows how to work-the-draft.  I watched the race (thanks Hux) and you could see Smith just had the power - and was controlling the pace.  He's had some bum breaks the last couple years, with rules, sponsors, etc . . . but,  I've always been a fan of Smith, he came up through the ranks to get where he's at - not always with the best equipment or the best bike.  He's a pro motorcycle racer - a tough way to make your money.

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Hux said...

Nothing in Pro Flattrack Im sure comes easy,but he made that last pass on Mees look effortless. Everyone else, especially HD, has been put on notice that he is the pilot and bike to beat on the Miles.