Me & Morty - Workin' on stuff - Memorial Day

A busy weekend . . . after the Mason City Car Cruise, Harley Open House, bike ride, yard work, hike, a graduation party and another bike run . . . it was time to spend some quality time, just me and Morty in the shop workin' on stuff for Chink, Shaun, Gordy and Polgreen . . . all names the Mort has heard many times.  We worked on our own projects too.  Cheryl had us take a break for some wine & cheese . . . a perfect weekend.
 Rebuilt a Tillotson HD1(1966-67) 57 Main Jet
Making my own pipes, due to short cylinders.
Chad at D&L will assist in pipe expansion and flange fitment.
Correct top mount with flex-loc nut, Cadmium !
Factory galvanized intake clamps.
Factory steering dampener, CP1038 pinch bolt, rare steel top tree.
Cadmium, Chrome & Parkerized
Break Time: Brambleberry Wine from Marquette.
Factory Clutch Bracket (Anderson cable)
Goodyear Diamond 4.00-19 (Triplet Distributing)
 Horizontal FM magneto with .032 safety wired Sifton Copper Cores,
John Penner mag gear(thanks John), Joe Hunt rotor, Carl Patrick helped too.
 I thank all our men and women veterans and current enlisted for their service to our country.  I can do the things I love to do, and live in a free country because of your efforts and commitment.
God Bless America.

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