Carroll Resweber - Always Remembered

Resweber passed away last Friday, May 8th.  He was my earliest motorcycle racing hero, and even though I never saw him race - I've read almost every article and story available about him and his racing career.  I got to meet Carroll and help him at the hall-of-fame races in Springfield one year.  He signed my original 1961 issue of American Motorcyclist Magazine.  He raced in the days without brakes, and was one of the greatest sliders of all time - with the ability to throw his KR into the turn and scrub off speed - or just drift it through the corners keeping as much momentum as possible.  He won a hell-of-a-lot races and was national champion 4 years in a row in a time when it was really tough to do such a thing.  Nobody had ever done that before - and his records stood for years.  Resweber will always be remembered as one of the all-time best flat trackers to ever swing his leg over a motorcycle.   

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