That's what I call 'em . . . but I'll probably end up building one for myself eventually (maybe never) who knows?  Going through this motor for our buddy Shane.  It was making funny noises . . .

As we tore it down . . .
- Wrist Pin came out - galled cylinder wall
- Found snap ring pieces in oil
(different type of snap ring than where it's used)
- Plastic breather chewed
- Pinion Gear tooth missing
(and Split down the middle)
- Cam thrust washer on wrong
- Oil pump drive gear shaft kinda stuck
- Key kinda sheared
- Found tooth in oil pump !
- Rods junk . . .

You can see the tooth of the pinion gear wedged down in there, 
almost blocking the oil hole.


lucky23design said...

My buddy Ryan Baisley says they cut the screens out of those breathers on the motors they rebuild.

Noot said...

Very True. Replaced many plastic breathers with steel ones, screens removed and air-ramps installed. I run an air ramp on my panhead, and I think they breathe better? Baisley? Like in Dan Baisley? They forgot more than we'll ever know.

lucky23design said...

Yup, that Baisley. Their shop is down the street from me. Ryan is the grandson and he's an engine guru already....true Portland treasures those guys, along with Langlitz Leathers!